Journal of Applied Sciences,Engineering and Technology for Development



First JASETD Journal

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 List of Publications in this journal

1. Compressive strength characteristics of a solid waste ash stabilized interlocking masonry wall ..... Fundi,Kaluli,Maritim
2. Habitat utilization by hippopotamuses(Hippopotamus amphibius) in Lake Nakuru National Park,Kenya ..... Waweru and Kaba
3. Supply chain management using GIS, a case study of Coca Cola Company ..... Sichangi and Musiega
4. Merti Aquifer recharge zones determination using Geospatial technologies ..... Kuria and Kamunge
5. Extending landsat based land use/cover time series after May 2003 for tropic rain forest areas in East Africa ..... Macharia,Lung and Schaab
6. Evaluation of the process of land registration according to the registration of titles act (RTA) system in Kenya ..... Wanjiku,Gikwa and Macharia

 NB: The hardcopy of the journal is available at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Library