Journal of Applied Sciences,Engineering and Technology for Development



Review process is based on the principles of confidentiality, fairness and timeliness.

Step 1: Chief Editor

a. Receiving submissions from author(s).

b. Testing the paper against plagiarism.

c. Screening the article to confirm its appropriateness in format, relevance, originality and clarity (manuscript can either be accepted or rejected).

d. Removing author’(s)’ identification information (concerns only manuscripts accepted at (c)).

e. Submitting manuscripts to suitable reviewers.

Step 2: Double Blind Reviewing/Anonymous Refereeing

Paper is evaluated in terms of originality/newness, appropriateness of the study design and methodology, adequacy and relevance of literature to the study, reliability, clarity and relevance of the findings, suitability of the paper to the journal

Step 3: Reviewers’ Feedback to the Chief Editor.

Reviewers comments can be any of the following:-accepted without revisions, accepted with revisions or rejected).

Step 4: Chief Editor Feedback to Authors

a. If paper is accepted without corrections, the Chief Editor advises authors about publication/production procedures through e-mail.

b. Where corrections are required, the Chief Editor advises the authors on the same and the resubmission timelines.

c. If necessary, the Chief Editor provides authors with additional guidance.

d. After corrections, Author(s) send revised submissions to Chief Editor (Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 are repeated).

Step 5: Production

Paper/article is sent for publication (electronic and print) after the authors have fulfilled the requisite publication requirements.

Review process